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The Research and Evaluation Department compiles, processes, analyzes, and reports student, school, and district achievement, assessment, demographic, and other data to parents, the public, schools, district administrators, the Board of Education, and public agencies. The department also administers and supports Illuminate, the district's assessment management and reporting solution, and FastBridge, a screening and student monitoring assessment system within Illuminate. Major areas of reporting responsibility include:

  • District, state, and federal assessment results (e.g., CAASPP, NAEP)
  • Reports (e.g., ACT, SAT, AP, dropouts, graduates, suspensions, retention, meal data, transiency)
  • District Course of Study
  • Responding to ad hoc data requests
  • State-/Federal-mandated reports (CALPADS, OCR, SARC, CBEDS); delegated by Board of Education/Superintendent

In addition, the department oversees district research activities (including applications by researchers) and processes grant applications and awards.

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San Diego Unified School District
Research and Evaluation Department
4100 Normal Street, Room 1008A
San Diego, CA 92103
Phone: (619) 725-7190
Fax: (619) 725-7187





Ron Rode Director, Research and Evaluation (619) 725-7190 1110
Crystal Anderson Administrative Assistant I (619) 725-7185 1008
Leah Baylon Education Researcher (619) 725-7202 1008A
Dr. Mara Bernd Education Researcher (619) 725-7164 1008A
Lorenzo Cuevas Sr. Systems Analyst/Programmer (619) 725-7184 1008A
Lorri Frangkiser Education Researcher (619) 725-7194 1008A
Rob Fargo Education Researcher (619) 725-7179 1008A
James Gustafson Sr. Systems Analyst/Programmer (619) 725-7195 1008A
Jeff Jones Sr. Systems Analyst/Programmer (619) 725-7245 1008
Amal Morcos
Systems Development Coordinator (619) 725-7201 1008A
Marcellus Walker Planning Analyst (619) 725-7175 1008