WASC Data Needed by Schools

CDS Codes

Data Reported

Report Description

Site CDS Codes

School information, including CDS codes

Enrollment and Demographics

Data Reported

Report Description

Enrollment K-12 & 9-12

Information Day Enrollment by grade, K-12, 9-12

Ethnicity for six years or 30 years

Information Day counts/percentages

Free/reduced lunch

Information Day counts/percentages

Languages and EL Population

Number/Percentage ELs, Spanish, Non-Spanish

EL Redesignation

Number/Percentage RFEPs, IFEPs, ELs, and English Only


Mobility index


Stability rate

Enrollment by Racial/Ethnic subgroup

Information Day Enrollment counts, percentages

Site residential information

Pct. Resident/Non-Resident

Home language survey data

Count and Pct of enrollment by primary language

CELDT Reading Assessment Data

Attendance Data

Attendance rates by school

Drop out Data

Dropout rates by school

Retention Data

Retention rates

Suspension/Expulsion Data

Suspension/Expulsion rates by school

Student Performance Data

Data Reported

Report Description

State Accountability Reports (AYP)

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Smarter Balanced Assessment

Smarter Balanced Assessment results reports

CST Performance Levels

Distribution within performance levels; Math, ELA, Science, History

CST Summary Reports

Reports showing % proficient or advanced by grade and demographic

Advanced Placement / IB

Complete AP/IB reports by school and demographic

Graduation Rates

Complete graduation results by school and demographic thru 2014

SAT Reports

Complete SAT reports by school and demographic

PSAT Reports

Complete PSAT reports by school and demographic.

Staff: Certificated and Classified

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Credentials: NCLB

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Credentials: SDAIE

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Misassignments of Teachers

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Years of District Service

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Years of Teaching

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Revenue Spending

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Average per Pupil Spending

See section on school finances.

Class Size

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Average Core Content Areas

See section on Other Information: Average Class Size.