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The Integrated Technology (IT) Division is comprised of three departments: Research and Evaluation, Integrated Technology, and Instructional Technology.

IT supports the district mission by providing leadership, research, data reporting/management, instructional/system professional development and integrated/instructional technology support. These services help educators transform teaching and learning through the use of digital-age tools to increase student achievement. IT provides students and staff with effective development, management and support of instructional technology resources, business and data systems, and network infrastructure to manage and support student learning.

Integrated Technology Division Leadership Team

Integrated Technology Division
Toren Allen Executive Director, IT Division
Tyler Rudolph Director, IT Division  
Dao Nguyen Executive Assistant


Research and Evaluation
Ron Rode Director, Research and Evaluation
Amal Morcos Systems Development Coordinator

Assessment Systems (Illuminate and FAST) Support and Training

Integrated Technology
Hanna Hanna Systems Development Coordinator PeopleSoft Applications Development and Training
John Sousa Systems Development Coordinator Enterprise Systems Analyst Support
Carmen Salgado  Systems Development Coordinator SIS (PowerSchool), Support and Training
Graham Hellewell Systems Development Coordinator Instructional Systems Development and Analytics (Hoonuit, Clever, PowerSchool Development)
Vacant Software Systems Coordinator Enterprise Systems Support and Data Center Operations
Sandra Arellano Manager, Network Services & Telecom Network Services Support
Paul Gustafson Database Coordinator Database Support and Software Security
Sandra Vasquez Support Services Coordinator Service Desk Operations and Support
Jared Olewine (TOC) Transportation Info Systems Supervisor
Transportation IT Development and Support

Michelle Jimenez

Project Manager

Instructional Technology


Julie Garcia
Sr. Director, Instructional Support Instructional Technology Support and Professional Development
Derek Suzuki Program Manager Educational Technology