Clever Portal Information

What is Clever?

Clever makes it easier for students, teachers, and schools to use instructional applications. Students and teachers login to the Clever Portal and instantly have access to the instructional applications for your school.

Sticky Notes

No need to upload class rosters

Take one more thing off your to-do list! Using Clever eliminates the need to upload class rosters for your school. Clever offers a secure "data pipeline" between our SIS (PowerSchool) and many of the learning applications that teachers and students use. Information is sent to Clever each night, keeping information up to date for schools.

No need to remember a different username and password

Clever offers a single-sign-on solution, allowing students and staff to log into applications with the same login/password used for other district systems.

Clever Badge and Portal

Students in grades Preschool-2 can login without typing a username and password

Make it easier for younger students to access instructional applications. Instead of typing a username and password to access the Clever Portal, students can simply hold up a Clever Badge to the camera on their device and they will be instantly signed in.

Where do I login?

Clever Logo

Login to the Clever Portal at with your district username and password. Students and teachers can access the Clever Portal from school and from home.

Did you know?

There have been over 19 million logins to the Clever Portal last school year. Take a look at the Clever Login Analytics page to find out more.