Are you a Classified Sub?

Get empowered, learn PowerSchool!

The accuracy of the student information system is imperative to the success of our district. Learn how to correctly use PowerSchool by attending these 3 key PowerSchool trainings:

  • Introduction to PowerSchool- This course is a district prerequisite for all employees with PowerSchool access. You must have attendance in this course before you can register for any other PowerSchool training.
  • PowerSchool Enrollment- A comprehensive training for all clerical staff responsible for enrollment.
  • PowerSchool Attendance- A foundational training for all clerical staff contributing to record keeping for student attendance.

Register for PowerSchool Trainings

Visit Professional Learning and use the search filters to isolate the training topic you are looking for.

Access PowerSchool Resources

Easy access to PowerSchool Handbooks and Job Aids make learning and accomplishing your site responsibilities, attainable and convenient. You are encouraged to attend PowerSchool trainings and reference district resources.