What is PowerSchool?

PowerSchool is the Student Information System (SIS) used in San Diego Unified. Thousands of users login to PowerSchool every day for important information regarding students in San Diego Unified.

  • Teachers use PowerSchool to enter attendance and post grades.
  • Schools use PowerSchool to enroll new students, print report cards, and run reports.
  • District staff use PowerSchool to run reports and report attendance to the state.
  • Parents and students use PowerSchool to monitor Gradebook assignments, grades, and attendance.

The IT Student Systems team maintains and supports PowerSchool. Changes are constantly being applied to improve PowerSchool and provide new and relevant solutions to schools, teachers, parents, and students. Please check PowerSchool News for the latest timely updates involving PowerSchool in San Diego Unified.

How do I get help with PowerSchool?

School and district staff can get help with PowerSchool by: