Opening of School


Welcome to a new school year!

We encourage teachers and school staff to collaborate in getting their classrooms up and running for the school year. To help in this process, please follow the steps below.

Step 1:

Watch the Classroom Quickstart Guide Video

Note: Some classrooms have received an updated Teacher computer with a port replicator and will use the following instructions:

Plug Plug the thick black port replicator cable into the computer. The cable may come from either the hole in the presentation station table (if the port replicator is located under the table) or directly from the port replicator on top of the table. Plug this cable into the USB port on the teacher tablet. On the Yoga and Yoga 260 models, there is a larger combination USB port on the left side of the computer. See this link for Yoga 260 information.
Make sure your teacher tablet PC is turned on and the port replicator is turned on. It may be located on the side of the presentation station under the desktop if it is not located on top of the presentation station. You will know it is on if the "i" in "ThinkPad" has a glowing red dot.

Step 2: Review the Following Detailed Information

Media Cabinet Set Up

  • You should receive Media Cabinet keys along with your classroom keys.
  • Locate two microphones, the Promethean Board remote, the document camera remote, and two Promethean ActivPens which are normally found locked in the media cabinet.
  • See this job aid for further directions on setting up the media cabinet. Please note, this job aid will refer to a VHS/DVD player in the cabinet. Please be aware this applies to some classrooms.

Presentation Station/Document Camera Set Up

  • For detailed information, see the job aid which corresponds to the document camera type (pictured below) that you have installed in your room.
Handal 860 - Job Aid

Teacher Tablet PC Set Up:

Please review the following information for the teacher tablet PC.

  • If the teacher tablet for the classroom in which you are teaching was collected at the end of the last school year, pick it up from office or designated school location.
  • Ensure all of the following are included with the tablet PC. If there are any missing items, please notify the school site principal.
Laptop Bag
  • Laptop Bag
  • Stylus (Twist model does not have one)
  • Mouse
  • A/C Power Cable
  • DVD Combo Drive with USB connector

  • Windows Software Updates (Teacher and Student Windows Computers)
    • Teacher Computer
    • Plug in the AC adapter to the laptop to ensure power as battery may be drained.
    • Turn on the tablet PC and login with District ID and Password. Note: You may experience longer than normal boot-up time on first login.
    • If the tablet PC has not been used in the district over the summer, Windows Software updates will need to be installed on the tablet. These updates are installed automatically without intervention from the user. Once the updates are installed, they will be applied when shutting the computer down. Please make sure to shut down the computer on your first day back and let all of the software updates complete their installation. Note: It is crucial that you do not power off the computer while the software updates are running.

Tip: For staff, connecting an Ethernet cable and turning wireless off will speed up the installation of updates.

  • Student Computers
    • Student netbooks should be fully charged in the cart prior to turning on for the first time.
    • Student computers may experience longer than normal boot-up time on first login.
    • Student computers will apply software updates since the computers have been off all summer. Please make sure to shut down the student computers at the end of each day and let all of the software updates complete their installation. Note: It is crucial that students do not power off the computer while the software updates are running.

Promethean Board Set Up

Printer Set Up

  • Printer should be plugged in and in sleep mode. Push the button on top of the printer to wake it up.
  • If the printer has been unplugged, please follow these directions.
  • If the printer does not show up on your tablet or student Windows computer, you can add it using this job aid.
  • Once printer is set up, it should come back online within several hours. If it is not able to print by the next day, please call the IT Help Desk at 619-209-HELP.
  • Chromebook Printing: Chromebooks are currently unable to print to district printers due to limitations in the Google printer connector software. The ITSS team has been working with Google for the last several months on a resolution but one has not surfaced yet. For now, please have the student share the document with the teacher when printing is needed. If they students all share their document into one Google folder, that would facilitate printing the documents in batch. Please use these instructions at for a how to on printing multiple files at once.

Student Devices

Please click on the appropriate student device for set up instructions. Then return to this page using the provided link.

Yoga Student Device Ipad Student Device Android Student Device Chrome Student Device

Note on Thin Client Computers in Classrooms:

Thin client computers have reached the end of their serviceable life and are no longer supported. If you have Thin Client computers in the classroom that are no longer working and would like to have them removed from the classroom, please contact the school site BSS to arrange for them to be excessed from the classroom.


Should you have additional questions not covered on this page, please consult the following:

  • Search the Support Page here.
  • If you have any technical needs that arise when setting up your classroom and need to call for help, please see this job aid to route your questions correctly. Note: When contacting the ITSS Help Desk, we encourage you to check on the status of and/or submit new Help Desk tickets online at For a video tutorial on how to use the Remedy web site, please click here.
  • IT Help Desk phone number is 619-209-HELP (4357). Note: The Help Desk will also be available on Saturday, August 26th from 8 AM - 12 PM and Saturday, September 2nd from 8 AM - 12 PM.