I21 Board Refresh FAQ

Boxlight Procolor 752U - Frequently Asked Questions (Overview video)

Who will receive the new boards?
All i21 Year 0 and Year 1 classrooms will receive new boards this summer/fall. Year 0 and Year 1 boards are typically mounted to the walls and have a white border. The plan is to refresh Years 2 - 5 in phases, over the next 5 years.

How were the new boards selected?
The Technology Advisory Group spent two years researching, testing and piloting various boards. Keeping cost, warranty and ease of opening Activinspire flipcharts in mind, Boxlight was the choice of the committee.

What happened to Promethean?
Promethean was part of the selection process but unfortunately changes in their pricing, support and warranty led the Technology Advisory Group to go in a different direction.

The boards look like televisions screens. Can I write on them?
There are two ways to use the writing tools on the Boxlight Boards. There are pen tools built directly into the board so the teacher can write on whatever is being projected from any source. Teachers will also have access to MimioStudio software which is a proprietary program unique to Boxlight boards.

Can I use my Flipcharts?
Boxlight comes with MimioStudio software which will easily open flipcharts with minor modifications. Teachers are encouraged to explore nonproprietary software for future development of lessons. This would include tools like Google Slides, Google Docs, websites etc. that will not expire with a change in hardware.

How do I get the new software?
After delivery this summer, teachers will have access to MimioStudio software in the Software Center.

What if I need help with my board?
Along with the delivery of each board, the vendor will provide onsite support for teachers basic functions, switching display input, and use of software. In addition, teachers can call the Help Desk or visit http://bit.ly/sdusdrefresh for information.

What will happen to my old board?
In order to equip classrooms with the new technology sooner, the removal of wall mounted boards may not coincide with the delivery of the new display. This means teachers might have two boards in the classroom for a short period of time.