District Reports


The Research and Evaluation Department regularly publishes reports covering a variety of subjects including district achievement and performance, dropouts, poverty data, and suspensions.

The following table describes the latest updates for each reporting area. Click on a link in the table below or click on the menu items in the left navigation pane subordinate to 'Reports'.

Reporting Area Year Posting Description
Advanced Placement 2015-16 District and school AP course taking and testing
School Climate 2018-19 California Schools Climate Survey Reports
College Enrollment Data 2016-20 Enrollment in 2- and 4-year colleges of district graduates
CST Performance level 2015-16 Districtwide and individual school reports.
CST Summary 2015-16 Districtwide and individual school reports.
Demographics 2022-23 District and school demographic data
NAEP 2018-19 National Assessment of Educational Progress
PSAT 2017-18 A college readiness assessment from the College Board
SARC 2017-18 School Accountability Report Cards
SAT I 2013-14 Report of SAT results for graduates
SBA 2022-23 Report of Smarter Balanced Assessment results