The San Diego Unified School District is in the process of implementing the InformaCast Emergency Communication Systems (ECS) to every school site. 

To begin by logging into your site click this link: 

Singlewire ECS Login 


InformaCast is a mass notification system that will enable sites to broadcast critical notices during disasters.

Here are some of the key features of the System:

  • Zone based Paging; Interior, Exterior and Both.

  • Classroom based Paging for Two-way communication through a VoIP phone and a Classroom's IP-Speaker

  • Bell Schedules & Ring Lists.

  • Ability to setup SMS/Email notifications


Submitting IT Tickets or PPO Work Orders review below: (mock up/building support phase)

Resources to get started with using your InformaCast ECS platform:

Below is a Bar Graph indicating status; 33% for Cabling/Install Stage, 66% Training Completed, 100% Go-Live